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Do You Have Art Trauma?

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Many people who've come to MBodied have shared stories of a person from their childhood...

  • teacher

  • parent

  • friend

that told them their art wasn't "good".

People are surprised by how painful this experience can be and how it turned them away from making art for a very long time.

Art is like sharing your heart
So when someone tells you
  • it's not good
  • they don't like
  • it's weird
  • they don't get it
That hurts deep inside.  So if you stopped making art because you believed what they said, you have art trauma (and you're not alone.)
What I want you to know:
  • Art is a realm where there is no right or wrong
  • No one is the judge of your art
  • You deserve creative expression because it feels good
And you can come back to art & creativity whenever you're ready.
There are safe places like MBodied where you will be supported in your creative vision and in learning.  And many of our students are coming back to art after 5, 10, even 20 years of not doing it.
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