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Art Therapy!

Art Therapy

More than just talking, art therapy provides a creative approach to the counseling process.  Art is like a magic backdoor to what is really going on.  It will show the subconscious beliefs you have about work, life, relationships all with a simple picture.  

​Art therapy is not for those creative folk over there.  It is for anyone who is willing to draw a stick figure during their counseling session.  Curiosity is all that's required.  You will be surprised by the insights your art can provide when guided by Alexandra, trained art therapist.  

We also offer the Wild Women, a group that uses the creative process, women holding space for each other's stories and learning about the divine feminine to truly inspire and empower women.  

**NEW** We now have Art Therapy Studio every Saturday.  This is time to allow the creative process to be therapeutic for you.  It's not Art Therapy counseling, it's art as therapy:  enjoy how the art process melts the hours away and provides insight and reflect of you.

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