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Art for Healers

Holding those Who Hold Others

art therapy for healers

If you are doing healing work with others then it's SO IMPORTANT for you to have your own space for reflection, processing and support.

It can be hard to find an outlet all for YOU and to keep it sacred with the business of work and life.

This art process group is designed FOR Healers to have the consistent time every week for self-care so that you can

~release the weight of your work and 

~stay grounded during these tumultuous times.

​      "Healers need space too! especially those like myself that go and go riding on fumes of passion and determination, until they burn themselves out.

This group was a lifeline when I needed it most, a space, an invitation to connect with myself and ground through art."

-Sandra, holistic wellness provider

art for healers

You deserve:​​

  • a safe space to be held

  • time to reflect

  • a way to process and move through the experiences you hold from your work 

Imagine how much better your healership would be with BUILT IN self-care.


Imagine how much lighter you will feel knowing you will be held and witnessed every single week.


"This group keeps me afloat during challenging times!


I love connecting with other healers to heal myself. ..And you get to paint! Just what the (inner) doctor ordered!"


-Rachel, psychotherapist

""I've done all the things: programs, therapists, coaches...and Michelle's process around art is really special."


-Marcia, heart-centered branding specialist


We all NEED the accountability of a scheduled group to ensure our well-being doesn't fall away when we get busy or stressed. 


Group meets Tuesday mornings 10:00 am -12:30 every week.


We meet on Zoom for grounding & check-in but then "unplug" for 60-90 minutes of art making, returning at the end for art reflections


Art for Healers is a monthly subscription of $149 that includes:

  • group every Tuesday led by Michelle Baker, MA in Counseling & Art Therapy

  • FREE access to all other online art classes including Allyship, a weekly group for education, challenging racial narratives and finding aligned action

  • Amazing community

  • Simple 1 month commitment to begin

Guaranteed to benefit your healing practice, your well-being and your life!


Sara's profile pic (FB optimized).jpg
"Michelle is a talented, insightful leader and she brings thoughtfulness and humor into every interaction."
-Sara, Pantologist
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