Art for Healers

Art Therapy Group for Healing Professionals

If you are doing healing work with others then it's SO IMPORTANT for you to also have a space for self-care, reflection and expression.

It can be hard to find an outlet all for YOU and to keep it sacred with the business of work and life.

This art therapy group is designed FOR Healers to have the consistent time every week for self-expression through art.

​      "Michelle's women's groups are truly amazing and transformative. I am in such a different space in my life than I was a year ago.

Michelle really helps guide the process but you do the work. She isn't telling you the path you should be on but gives you the tools for your own discovery."


If you are a Creative Spirit called to serve others, let this group be the safe space for YOU.

Art Therapy is such an effective tool for moving energy OUT and expressing the deep emotional experiences we swim in as Healers. 

You deserve:

  • time to reflect

  • time to process

  • a way to move through the experiences you hold daily 

Imagine how much better your practice would be with self-care BUILT IN every week. 


Imagine how much lighter you would feel if you could easily MOVE that energy from inside of you out onto canvas.

“It really helps to check in along the way as you’re going through the painting. To see the things you’re doing differently in your life now and giving yourself credit for that.”


 What to Expect:​​

  • a safe container for reflection & growth

  • guidance in how to use art to express yourself

  • time to connect with group members & lots of time to paint

  • using acrylics on canvas

  • reflecting on how the art process is mirroring your life

  • profound insights about WHO YOU ARE 

Art for Healers is a way to commit to your own self-care and expression.  We all NEED the accountability of a class to ensure our well-being doesn't fall away when we get busy or stressed. 


Group meets Tuesday mornings 10:00 am -12:30 every week.


The next join date is March 3rd!

Art for Healers is a monthly subscription of $149 that includes:

  • group every Tuesday led by Michelle Baker, MA, Art Therapist

  • Private online community where we connect further by sharing art, insights and reflections

  • FREE access to all our Open Studio times (extra painting time)

  • Discounts on other workshops and classes with MBodied

  • Amazing community of like-hearted women

**This group is for women who identify as healers and are willing to express themselves through painting. (no experience is necessary)

Feeling lighter & more grounded while growing as a practitioner is GUARANTEED!


"I was so surprised by the connection between my art and what it reflects about what's going on inside me." -Sierra

"Michelle is a talented, insightful leader and she brings thoughtfulness and humor into every interaction. I love the way I look at and trust in my art and knowledge thanks to Michelle and MBodied."
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