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Intuitive Art with Michelle

Owner of MBodied Art Studio

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Sharing your personal experience in a visual way so that you can:

  • express yourself & share it with others

  • move energy OUT

  • find deeper layers of meaning & truth

  • see yourself in new ways

  • process challenging experiences

What is Intuitive Art?

I see art as a way to bypass the thinking mind and get to the heart & soul of what really matters. 
soul of what matters.png
The best way to understand the intuitive art process is to experience it.
That's why I created this FREE email course that will lead you through simple, 5 minute intuitive drawing exercises that will help you:
  • trust yourself
  • know your purpose
  • make big life decisions with confidence
Fill out the form and then check out my amazing women's groups below!
"I was so surprised by the connection between my art and what it reflects about what's going on inside me."
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art therapy group photo
"Michelle is a talented, insightful leader and she brings thoughtfulness and humor into every interaction. I love the way I look at and trust in my art and knowledge thanks to Michelle and MBodied."


If intuitive art is calling you, double click one of my art therapy groups below.

If you want to learn about painting or drawing, double click the class schedule image to find the class that best fits your life.

Art Therapy quote
In a time when we are busy, stressed out and disconnected from what really matters,
art helps us remember our hearts
so that we can live from our truth, find purpose & meaning
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