Art & community makes life better.

MBodied is a woman-owned art studio that helps adults reconnect to their creativity in a safe, supportive community where art IS self-care.

During COVID:

Enjoy ALL of our art classes for the price of ONE

  • Live, interactive Zoom classes (6 per week)

  • HUGE library of video lessons

  • Community platform

  • Materials pickup

If you're thinking, "more Zoom"...sigh

We totally get it. Everyone is Zoomed-out.


Our classes are largely YOU making ART.


You're not staring at a screen for 2 hours, you're watching a demo and then making art!

Everyone needs the accountability art classes provide. Plus we offer super inspiring lessons!

Hear from our Students!

"Shannon is an amazingly gifted teacher! She has a way of making painting and drawing seem less intimidating and totally doable! If you ever wanted to learn how to paint or draw, or just want to get more creativity in your life, then I highly recommend taking one of her classes."


"Shannon is very talented and really helped me learn the basic techniques of painting with Acrylics, while also giving me freedom to experiment and learn on my own. I found myself looking forward to each week, and getting really excited for a couple hours to clear my mind and create something."


From my first visit to the MBodied Art Studio, I felt so comfortable. The studio is warm and cozy and my instructor, Shannon, is wonderful. I feel very fortunate to have found this place for so many reasons. If anyone is thinking about taking art classes but is hesitant because of what you feel are a lack of creativity or art skills, I would recommend this place highly.


"Every part of my painting was so meaningful to me. I had so many big breakthroughs of how I'm showing up in life and it was all reflected in the painting. I've done all the things, program, therapists, coaches and Michelle's process around art is really special."


Our Class Schedule

Abstract Painting


3:45-6:15 MST

Landscape Painting

1st & 3rd Wednesday 

6:00-9:00 MST



6:30-9:00 MST

Watercolor Painting


3:45-6:15 MST

Art Therapy


4:00-6;00 MST

Acrylic Painting


6:30-9:00 MST

What if I miss the live class?

We record ALL our classes and post them online.

You will never miss class with us :)

And you can always get teacher feedback in our virtual platform.

What if I'm a Beginner?

That's great! All you need is a willingness to learn.

Our classes are live so you can watch the demo, ask questions and get 1 on 1 attention while you work.

Online Class Screenshot!

Join Us!

  • ALL our art classes: (6 live, interactive classes each week) for the price of 1 class!

  • HUGE library of video lessons (acrylic painting, drawing and watercolor painting)

  • Online platform to connect with teachers & students

  • Simple 1 month subscription

  • Price: $119



**Video lesson library available immediately upon creating membership.**

Why do YOU make art here?!

Stuck in Quarantine? Get FREE art therapy!

Try these exercises & feel better.

Making art naturally reduces anxiety.

Productive energy combats feeling of helplessness and overwhelm.

Designed by Michelle Baker, MA, Art Therapist & Owner of MBodied Art Studio.

Classes at MBodied are:
like a spa for your creativity! You will feel taken care of, pampered and supported.
We are a community art studio because making art with other supportive people is WAY better than making art by yourself. 
Get inspired by these fun classes for adults where the creative juices are flowing!!
We're your home away from home. Right when you walk in the door you'll notice the space is warm, inviting and cozy.
We pamper you will snacks and hot tea and take a little time to get to know each other every class so that you are growing a community along with your art skills.

We stand out right away!

Our Class Schedule

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Student Artwork!