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If you're at a crossroads, unsure of which way to go next...but you know you're meant for MORE in this life...

Art is your untapped SUPERPOWER for unlocking your purpose & unleashing your brilliance into the world!

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If you've been feeling:

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❌ Disconnected from who you REALLY are...
❌ Worried you've lost yourself...
❌ Unsure what's this next chapter of life is about...
Struggling to trust your inner knowing...

And You're Longing To:

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💜 Feel happy about your life...
💜 Use your skills & your voice in a meaningful way.
💜 Find your purpose again...
💜 Trust yourself and feel confident about where you're headed next...

Art as a Soul Language RE-connects with your inner knowing.

Providing clarity & direction for the YOU you're becoming.
No longer looking outside yourself for answers only you can know...
This art will reveal messages from your soul telling you exactly what you need to hear, to confidently follow your truth.

"If you're not willing to do it in art,
you're never going to do it in life."

If you want to be
more bold
more daring
more authentic
Art is the playground to practice being who you want to become.

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Get the Free Guide to Using Art as a Soul Language®

It will reveal:
My trademarked method for making art with Soul Messages
Sneak peek into people's Soul Art
3 surprising ways art can reveal your purpose

Experience the deeper side of art.
This method does NOT require skill in art.
Even simple stick figure drawings will reveal Soul Messages.

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Art as a Soul Language® bypasses the thinking mind to get to the heart and soul of what's really going on. 

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Michelle designed this method so that women could connect with their inner knowing, using very simple drawings.
The art reveals surprising Soul Messages - the exact guidance needed in that moment to help each woman heal and become the woman she longs to be.

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Learn more about Michelle's background HERE.

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 Read about her women's program Wild Women Soul Purpose Journeys HERE.

Read about her certification program: Paint From Your Soul

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