MBodied has been helping people unleash their creative potential since 2014.

Michelle, the owner, has her Master's in Art Therapy and has created a safe space for adults to learn and grow and express themselves.

We treat your art like it's your heART.

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"MBodied, your talents are so much more than just your artistic ability, but the way you make people feel; the gift you have for creating a sense of belonging and community."


Denver painting class

"When I am painting, I am not worrying about the future or fretting about what's happening in the world; I'm just focused on my art. It's a very healthy escape!"



"I found myself looking forward to each week, and getting really excited for a couple hours to clear my mind and create something."



"I've done all the things: programs, therapy, coaches...and Michelle's process around art is really special."


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Our Classes

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There are 2 directions you can go with MBodied...

Michelle teaches women to use Art as a Soul Language ™  a path for self-discovery, healing, and life purpose.  

Shannon inspires students of all skill-levels in Drawing, Acrylic Painting, Abstract Painting and Watercolor classes.


We enjoyed a beautiful studio for 6 years...but with the pandemic we are now fully online.

Even though we meet on Zoom, the majority of a class is spent creating art.

(so it's not just more screen time)

What's the secret ingredient to unleashing your inner artist?...


All you need is a willingness to learn, to try, to experiment and to let go.

So, which direction would you like to go next?

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Art as a Soul Language ™

How has Michelle taught hundreds of women to read the hidden Soul Messages in their art?...

Art Classes 

Drawing, Acrylics, Watercolor, Abstract? Shannon will have you surprised by what you can create in your first month!

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Getting Started Quiz

Not sure where to begin? Take our personality matching quiz to find the "just right" fit with one of our class offerings!