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Acrylic Painting Tutorials!


Anyone can learn to paint with acrylics.

They are easy-to-use, colorful and fun!

AND it's really nice when someone shows you the tips and tricks for how to work with them. 

Check out my most popular videos below. Watch one or ALL!

Dry Brushing Clouds
Want to know how to paint nice, fluffy clouds?!
In this painting tutorial, will take you step by step through the layering and dry brushing technique for painting beautiful skies full of clouds.
Cross-Hatch Blending

Putting paint down on that white canvas can be hard!  


This blending technique is:

  • FUN

  • adds texture to any subject

  • helps you find inspiration and run with it


Cross-hatch blending one of my favorite blending techniques because it loosens you up and has a more "painterly" look than the subtle gradient blend.

Painting Tree Foliage
Nature can be so inspiring!
Let's have fun learning to paint tree foliage with a brush technique called "stippling." 
Mixing ALL the colors!

Let's go over all the basics of mixing.

We'll start with the primaries, create secondaries and I'll also show you how to make brown and grays (very important for shadows). 

art naturally creates flow benefit mind,

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