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5 Steps to Start Being Creative Again!

Step #1 Go get a sketchbook, a nice new one.

(even if you have an old half-finished one somewhere in your house, get a NEW one).

(you actually have to do it though, this is the first hurdle you have to actively jump over. Frame it in your mind that you are doing something nice for yourself and that you deserve it…because you really do. Your mind will tell you it’s not that important but it’s a trick).

things inside want to be expressed.png

Step#2 Get a pen, pencil, crayon (anything!) open the first page and scribble! 

Let loose!

Let your energy flow through you onto the paper 

Let your hand movements be a response to how you feel inside

No, you’re not going to “ruin” it. That pristine book needs to be broken in and only you can do it!


Step #3 Write 10 words that describe your scribble

Use poetic adjectives to describe your scribble like “flow-y” “anxious” “tight” “loose” “determined”

Notice if your critic voice arises to tell you it’s “stupid”. Watch this happen with your observing mind and keep going.

Write at least 10 words, stretch your mind to find more unique ways of describing what’s there.

perspective is a gift .png

Step #4 Create something from what is there. Either a poem from the 10 words you wrote down OR a new drawing inspired by your scribble.

Allow yourself to be inspired. Inspiration starts out small, a little inkling. If you judge it as “dumb” then it stops. If you trust it and go with it, it grows. 


Step #5 Repeat. Do this exercise again tomorrow. 

It’s a myth that you have to wait for inspiration to strike. It’s actually a discipline. It’s a muscle that needs weight training. You have to decide to make your creativity a priority and it will reward you in all aspects of your life!!

world is missing out .png

Creativity is so much more than being a painter or a drawer. Creativity is about being able to see things from many different angles and come up with new and unique ways of seeing and doing things. This is an invaluable skill in ANY job and so every other aspect of life. 

Michelle arms out.JPG
Author: Michelle Baker, MA
Michelle is a trained Art Therapist and owner of MBodied Art Studio. She helps people live happy, balanced and fulfilled lives by supporting their creative expression within a safe, supportive community.  Michelle believes making art is not a " when I have time" hobby but a life philosophy that honors our need for expression and being Creators.
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