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Let me change your mind about art...

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Making art is not about painting a pretty picture. It's a life philosophy. It's about being a Creator.

That means being brave enough to begin. Embracing the "not-knowing" and learning to trust.

Being a Creator means facing the challenges in the way to your vision. And every time you do you get stronger. 

Art is a place to practice creating so that you can create what you want in life.

I trust my art to guide me. It's my own personal spiritual guru. Painting helps me see where I'm at, where I'm going and what I need to grow right now in my life."

-Michelle Baker, MA, Owner of MBodied

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​When you make art, the process is teaching you to:

  • enjoy the journey

  • be mindful of yourself

  • push your growth edges

  • be brave enough to fail

  • be willing to be a Creator

  • find balance between effort and allowing

  • embrace the unkown

  • let go

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Michelle is a trained Art Therapist and owner of MBodied Art Studio. She helps people live happy, balanced and fulfilled lives by supporting their creative expression within a safe, supportive community.  Michelle believes making art is not a " when I have time" hobby but a life philosophy that honors our need for expression and being Creators.
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