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Conquer the Creative Block!

creativity block.jpg
  • Don't feel "creative"?  

  • Want to put what's in your head onto canvas but you feel stuck?

  • Would you like to learn a process for overcoming creative blocks that will benefit you for years to come?!!!


This special "pop up" class was designed to give painters the power to overcome those pesky blocks to creative expression.  You will find this process incredibly useful for every art piece you make in the future!

art class Denver, CO

In this class students will be guided to make a completely unique and original piece of artwork!  We guide you every step of the way!

Some experience with acrylic painting is recommend to enjoy this class to its fullest.

        Class Details:  

Thursdays 6:00-9:00

4 weeks, Nov 29th - Dec 20th

$160, includes ALL materials 

PLUS 1 FREE pass to Open Studio!  

That's 15 hours of creative time!

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