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Mystery School Art for Soul Messages

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Have you been secretly wondering

“who am I?” now

  • My kids are grown and no one needs me anymore

  • I've climbed the corporate ladder and kinda hate my life

  • I finally left a toxic relationship

  • I've repressed who I really am for most of my life...

👉The question you need to ask yourself is, am I going to STAY in this stuck/lost place that only leads to regret?

OR am I going to find a way to move forward and create the future I want?

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Mystery School will give you the map back to yourself...and the tools for listening to your own Inner Wisdom.

Michelle's Art as a Soul Language™ process builds your self-trust, enhance your creativity, help you express your authentic self and allow your heart to lead the way to what you're meant to be doing. 

art therapy denver
""Michelle loves guiding women on the path of finding our bravest and truest selves.”

Art is a Soul Language

You've done all the things:

therapy, self-help books, classes, workshops...

What you DON'T NEED right now is someone else telling you what to do...a 1 size fits all "this worked for me it should work for you" bullshit is NOT going to help you reclaim who you are!

It doesn't even make sense. How can someone else have the answer for reconnecting with your authenticity?!!


I'm offering a creative, feminine path to Listening to your own Inner Wisdom. 

It's not "Michelle's way". It's the way art works. 

~Art always tells the truth.

~Art always mirrors YOU.

~Art is how soul speaks.

I'm going to teach you how to Listen.

art classes for women

Mystery School is for women who are:

  • Tired of feeling stuck

  • Ready to find her passion 

  • Craving a clear path forward

  • Ready to express her authentic self to the world 

  • Wants to listen to her Soul Speak

art therapy classes in denver

Mystery School Guidelines:

  • Art is your heart, treat it with kindness and compassion

  • The Maker is the expert

  • Questions are Queen!

  • Reflections are put "on the table" and only picked up if they resonate with the other person

  • Your reflection can be an amazing gift to someone else

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"This helped me trust in myself, in my own abilities, my talents and my voice."

Group Details:

Mystery School members are hand-picked by me to ensure they will contribute to the sacred container of the group.


This is a month-to-month program with 2 live calls per month. We make our Art as a Soul Language™ drawing on the 1st live call and we do art reflection on the 2nd live call. 

Group includes:

  • Opening video that will set the stage for our journey that month

  • Bonus content to help you deepen into our topic, know yourself more deeply and heal from the past

  • Group discussions to pool the collective wisdom of our members together

  • Reflecting each other's wisdom 

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"Mystery School is safe space to explore my truth, speak my truth, & feel heard w/o judgment.”


Intrigued?! Next step: fill out the form

(I'm filling the group right now!)

Mystery School Application
How confident are you this program will work for you?

Thanks, your form has been submitted. Michelle will get back to you soon!

Still Reading?

Ok, let's see if I can help.

Here are 2 choices:

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Free Guide to Art as a Soul Language™ 

If you're intrigued by my Art as a Soul Language™ process, come get my FREE guide so you can get a taste for what it's like to listen to your Soul Speak through art.


art classes near me

Art Classes 

Drawing, Acrylics, Watercolor, Abstract? Shannon will have you surprised by what you can create in your first month!

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