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art therapy, Westminster

The Society of Wild Women

Is something missing?  Your life doesn't feel right but you don't know why.  There's a sense of not-enoughness.  You struggle to trust yourself and walk with confidence in the world.  You want more creativity, more connection more nourishment but somehow things just stay the same...

You could actually get stuck here for the rest of your life.  It will show up as loss of passion, depression or an empty feeling inside.  Long-term it will look like regret...wishing you had made a change years ago.

You are being called to change.  To step into the truth of who you are and what you really want.  To reignite your passion, trust yourself and embrace your inner wild woman!  

Westminster women's group

The Society of Wild Women inspires nice ladies to unleash their inner wild woman!  We are your sisters in connection.  We will challenge you to find your truth.  We will support you in your creativity and self-knowing.  We are your tribe.  

You know if you feel this longing inside you.  You are not alone and we cannot make it alone.  If you are truly ready to take the driver's seat and steer away from a life of regret, join this transformational group of amazing women.

We are a creative therapy sisterhood.  Imagine women's group meets therapy group meets art group.  We challenge and support you to step into your truth and trust your inner wild woman.  


The sisterhood gathers two Wednesdays a month for 2  1/2 hours.  There is a 3 hour collage class once a month to enliven our creativity further.  The Wild Women Workbook and Guided Visualizations provide additional writing, art and meditation prompts to deepen the experience and keep you focused on your goals!

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